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Louise has long coveted the young professional lifestyle: the career, the mates, the flat, the boyfriend. But when she moves from South Wales to London she finds the cold realities of real life harsher than she ever imagined.

Louise’s enthusiasm starts to falter, and she seeks solace in her daydreams. But when the line between reality and fantasy starts to blur Louise finds herself on the precipice between the two, with the pull towards idealism becoming just too strong to ignore…

Ryan, meanwhile, has high hopes from life, but when things don’t turn out as expected it becomes a struggle to keep face. As the gulf between real life and that which he portrays to others widens Ryan sinks deeper into despair and isolation, resorting to drastic measures just to cope before fleeing across the Channel to start a new life in France.

Secrets, lies, distortion and disillusionment combine to create a dangerous concoction. But can Louise survive London, and Ryan survive Paris, to return from the brink of destruction and to the family and friends who so desperately want them back?

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
‘Depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation and worthlessness all too often lurk beneath the shiny veneer of the myth of twenty-something life. Typically seen as a chain mail of career success and blossoming relationships, knitted together by glamorous social events, lazy brunches and exotic mini-breaks, the realities of life during the transition to ‘real’ adulthood can be very different to popular perception…’ Thoroughly researched and based on real-life experiences, this book aims to support readers through the trials and tribulations of twenty-something life in the twenty first century. Offering a supportive hand, a touch of guidance and a wealth of understanding, ‘The Quarterlife Crisis: Tips to Beat the Trials of the Twenties’ will support you through the tough times and help set you on track towards getting the life you really want.

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For children aged 9+