These reviews come from projects which are no longer on my website.

Learning to Fly

Admitedly, I only read four pages of it (it’s late and I’m tired) but I really liked the idea, and I did want to know what happened. You write elegantly, the kissing scenes are not done in a tacky way which can be easily done. I also loved the way the character said ‘keees’ because of his accent, it was a nice touch.
All in all very good!

Diffusion (Short Story)

Did i just read this or were my eyes deceiving me?
So good. So compelling and alarming. i never expected such a strange twist to what should have been the beginning of a new dawn for this student.

Although I found this rather depressing I didn’t actually guess what she was going to do. It was very well written … the scenes of cutting were a little disturbing but this fitted rather well with how she was feeling. well done.

What a sneaky little thing you are… Thanks for the surprise…it doesn’t happen often.
And well done for the excellent writing. Good job.

There I was thinking this was going to be warning about drug taking, how wrong I was.
Great twist at the end, the description of self harming was graphic and shocking, but also, it was brave of ecg300 to address the reasons and overwhelming need for people in the main characters situation to cut … it was an excellent, haunting piece of work.

I love psychological stories! This i loved! Fantastic read and really dramatic! I got really hooked up in it. However, right from the beginning i predicted what she was going to do. But it did not hinder the enjoyment of reading it!. What i really enjoyed is that you managed to tell such a large story into so little words! Well done!